Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary
Faculty of Law

Fall semester

  • Tutorial - Contract law general part (HU)
  • Tutorial - Company law (HU)
  • Einführung in das ungarische Privatrecht (i.e. Introduction into the Hungarian Private Law - for Erasmus students - DE) - Description

Spring semester

  • Lecture - Contract law special part (HU)
  • Tutorial - Contract law special part (HU)
  • Elective Course: Case Studies in the Law of Obligations (HU)
  • Hungarian Tort Law in (Comparative) Context - a Case by Case Approach (EN) - Description

Courses given earlier

  • Tutorial - Law of succession
  • Lecture - Law of Succession and IP Law
  • Elective course - "Field Study" on Consumer contract law
  • Elective course - Tutorial on the law of damages
  • Elective course - Lecture: Fundamental issues of contract law
  • Elective course - Lecture: Liability law and the law of damages

Andrássy Gyula German-language University, Budapest

  • Lecture - Einführung in das ungarische Privatrecht (2004-) - i.e. Introduction into the Hungarian private law in a comparative perspective